Speak Write

Speak Write ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

This IELTS course is composed of 80% writing and 20% speaking. Both skills focus on the strategies and techniques required for a wide variety of Task 1 and Task 2 writing questions and Part 1, 2 and particularly Part 3 speaking questions.

In this class, the foreign teacher who is a Native Speaker will take care of the speaking and pronunciation closely, while in the writing part, students will practice doing test questions of all formats that are expected to be encountered in the actual IELTS exam. The number of students is 7-12 people (depending on the students who register and the classroom).

Number of students: 7 – 16 (depending on registered students and classroom availability).

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The teaching approach in the IELTS Speak Write course

in this course, students will practice advanced writing skills, write according to Grammar rules, and do exercises in the Writing part with a focus on the format of Academic Writing. They will also practice speaking seriously until they are confident in communicating in English.

What you will gain from the IELTS Speak & Write course:

  • Learn how to structure and understand the IELTS Writing exam
  • Practice analyzing and writing data in various types of IELTS Writing exams, such as line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts
  • Analyze sample answers from students who have taken the exam, along with sample answers that score high marks in the Writing part • Practice writing answers that are linked to the given topic, especially for complex questions
  • Practice writing introductions and conclusions that cover all content to maximize scores in the Writing part
  • Practice speaking answering difficult questions in the Speaking part, such as topics related to Technology, Scientific theory, and Economy
  • Learn speaking techniques using linking words and using more academic words in the IELTS Speaking part
  • Receive evaluations and feedback on writing and speaking skills from the Native Speaker teachers who are experts in IELTS exams.

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    LINE ID : @newcambridge