Advanced Key skills

Advanced Key skills ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

The “Advanced Key Skills” course is an IELTS course suitable for students who already possess a strong command of the English language but may still want to further enhance their skills in preparation for the real exam. In this course, there will be a plethora of technical vocabulary, articles, techniques, and practice exercises for students to learn from.

In the “Advanced Key Skills” course, students will study the actual exam format for all four parts of the test. The emphasis will be on analyzing and managing time during the exam, with techniques aimed at minimizing time usage for each part. New Cambridge is confident that students who complete this course will be thoroughly prepared for the actual exam.

At New Cambridge Institute, our instructors are all experienced, native English speakers who are experts in teaching IELTS and have more than 10 years of experience working with Thai students.

Number of students: 7 – 16 (depending on registered students and classroom availability).

Teaching Approach: In the Advanced Key Skills course

the teaching approach focuses on giving students maximum practice in answering test questions. The emphasis is on developing strategies for answering questions and techniques to maximize scores in all parts. Additionally, students will delve deep into the formats of all types of IELTS exams. Students who take the Key Skills Extension course will be able to apply various techniques learned in class to improve their IELTS scores to Band 6.5 or higher.

What you will gain from the Advanced Key Skills course:

  • In-depth understanding of scoring criteria and strategies to maximize scores in the Speaking part.
  • Practice conversing and answering questions on various IELTS topics in a variety of formats in the Speaking part.
  • Learn how to structure your answers and analyze content in the IELTS Writing exam.
  • Practice time management in writing both Task #1 and Task #2.
  • Learn techniques for quickly comprehending and interpreting questions in the IELTS Reading exam.
  • Learn techniques for guessing the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary based on context or collocation.
  • Practice and complete exercises in the Listening part, and practice listening to real English speakers.
  • Receive evaluations and feedback on progress in all four skills from native English-speaking teachers who are experts in IELTS exams, with the opportunity to practice simulated exams with time limits and scoring criteria similar to the actual IELTS exam.

    *Conditions are as specified by the institute.

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