Advanced IELTS

Advanced IELTS ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

This IELTS preparation course is designed for candidates requiring a band score of 6 or above in writing and speaking. It focuses on the essential and fundamental grammatical skills needed to achieve success.

In this Advanced IELTS course, students will learn about the actual exam format in all 4 parts. The focus will be on critical thinking, analyzing exam questions, and time management in order to minimize the time spent on each part of the exam. New Cambridge is confident that students who complete this course will be well-prepared for the actual exam and will be able to achieve their desired scores. Our instructors at New Cambridge are foreign teachers who are Native Speakers with expertise and over 10 years of experience teaching IELTS to Thai students.

The class size is 8 students (depending on student registrations and classroom availability).

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The teaching approach in the Advanced IELTS course

Advanced IELTS course emphasizes advanced English language usage, critical thinking skills, and the use of language as it is used by native speakers. This approach will undoubtedly improve students’ scores in the IELTS exam.

The teaching approach in the Advanced IELTS course includes:

  • Practicing expressing thoughts or opinions using idioms in the Speaking part
  • Learning and analyzing high-scoring answers in the IELTS Speaking part
  • Practicing listening to advanced-level articles in various formats in the IELTS Listening part
  • Learning techniques for connecting important ideas from reading articles in the IELTS Reading part
  • Focusing on practicing explaining complex graph, table, chart, and diagram formats in Writing Task #1 • Analyzing sample answers from high-scoring candidates in the IELTS Writing Task #2
  • Receiving evaluations and feedback on progress in all 4 skills from Native Speaker instructors who are experts in the IELTS exam, along with timed mock exams to simulate the actual exam conditions.

    *Conditions are as specified by the institute.

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    LINE ID : @newcambridge