Key skills for IELTS

Key skills for IELTS ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

Key Skills for IELTS covers all aspects of the IELTS test including format, anticipated topics, strategies and task analysis. The overall aim is to enable students to have a better understanding of what the test involves and to be able to cope with the material in the time-frame that the test allows. Students will be shown how to use the self-access facilities in order to upgrade their language skills further in their own time, and also to develop an awareness of their individual needs and how best to address them.

Number of students: 7 – 16 (depending on registered students and classroom availability).

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Teaching Approach:

In the Key Skills course, the teaching approach focuses on techniques for tackling IELTS exams to help students perform well in the actual exam and analyze the answers for better understanding. The course also provides guidance on time management and stress management during the exam to ensure that students can complete the exam on time and achieve a good score.
Students who take the Key Skills IELTS course can apply the knowledge gained in their daily lives as well as in the actual IELTS exam.

The benefits of the Key Skills course include:

  • Learning the structure of the IELTS exam and the common types of questions, as well as a deep understanding of all four skills to achieve the highest IELTS score possible.
  • Practicing analyzing IELTS exams and answering questions effectively.
  • Becoming familiar with the exam format and gaining confidence in the exam environment.
  • Learning more academic vocabulary to use in various topics of the IELTS exam.
  • Practicing listening skills to identify key words and important information in IELTS Listening exams and write answers in different formats such as Table Completion and Form-Filling.
  • Learning techniques to summarize important information in IELTS Reading, making this part of the exam easier.
  • Learning patterns for writing in different types and practicing finding the main idea of the given topic, including writing introductions and conclusions in IELTS Writing.
  • Learning techniques for organizing thoughts and using high-scoring vocabulary and grammar in IELTS Speaking exams.
  • Receiving evaluations and feedback on progress in all four skills from native English-speaking teachers who are experts in IELTS exams, with the opportunity to practice simulated exams with time limits and scoring criteria similar to the actual IELTS exam.

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    LINE ID : @newcambridge