Foundation for IELTS

Foundation for IELTS ( 50 Hrs. )

This course has a high level of language input and skills work that is relevant to the IELTS
test, although it does not focus directly on the format of the test. The most notable component of the course is the weighting given to writing skills – an area that does not usually receive enough attention in General English training.

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Key skills for IELTS

Key skills for IELTS ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

Key Skills for IELTS covers all aspects of the IELTS test including format, anticipated topics, strategies and task analysis. The overall aim is to enable students to have a better understanding of what the test involves and to be able to cope with the material in the time-frame that the test allows. Students will be shown how to use the self-access facilities in order to upgrade their language skills further in their own time, and also to develop an awareness of their individual needs and how best to address them.

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Speak Write

Speak Write ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

This IELTS course is composed of 80% writing and 20% speaking. Both skills focus on the strategies and techniques required for a wide variety of Task 1 and Task 2 writing questions and Part 1, 2 and particularly Part 3 speaking questions.

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Advanced IELTS

Advanced IELTS ( 50 Hrs. ++ )

This IELTS preparation course is designed for candidates requiring a band score of 6 or above in writing and speaking. It focuses on the essential and fundamental grammatical skills needed to achieve success.

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