Personally, I appreciate the teacher’s attention to my writing, through marking, and significant improvements. The teacher always reminds me if I have completed my homework or not.

Pakorn Lekvongphiboon (Prince)

The teacher is kind and good, making studying IELTS fun. I like the teacher who cares about me. My younger sister has taken two courses, Key Skills and Speak Write A, and she scored a 7 on the exam. Having a good teacher helps us save time, identify areas of weakness, and enjoy learning. The teacher gives great tips for the exam preparation. Before studying for the IELTS, I scored 5.0, but after taking the Foundation for IELTS course, I scored 6.0.

Ratchatorn Watchawarapanich (Pare)

The teachers understand and care about the students. We can choose specific courses to enhance any areas that we are lacking in. They also provide tricks and techniques to enhance English language to development faster.

Natcha Thanindratarn (Great)

I fully meet the requirements for studying IELTS. After searching for a long time, friends recommended this place as a specialist in teaching IELTS. The teachers have extensive experience and high qualifications. After studying here, I improved my English language skills significantly.

Apirat Ngernkuakal (Mind) IELTS New Cambridge

I used the techniques taught by the teachers in the actual exam and was able to improve my score from 5.0 to 6.0. When practicing speaking with the teacher, I feel confident and the teacher always believes in my abilities. After classes or during tutorials, the teacher always gives compliments and advises on areas of improvement. They motivate me and give me confidence.

Thanyatorn (View)

“Dear Richard and Shaun, Initially I would like to meet you guys in person but since I am currently busy with my part-time job so I would like to send this message to thanks both of you for your valuable tips and suggestions during the lessons that both of you have provided to me. Truthfully, it means a lot to me especially when I saw the score I barely cried because I thought that it was hard to increase the IELTS score gradually within just 5-6weeks before the real test. Therefore, with those score I am able to apply for a predegree later on for approximately 6 month. Thank you” Piyavuth Rattananont (ICE) IELTS Overall 6.5

Piyavuth Rattananont (ICE)

ViVi has been studying here for 2 courses. After finishing the courses, she went straight to take the exam and got a total score of 6.5 at New Cambridge.


Has already taken three courses at New Cambridge – Foundation, Key Skills, and Speak Write – with Teacher Richard and Teacher Simon. They provide a lot of techniques, focusing directly on the IELTS exam. They teach vocabulary techniques, writing techniques, speaking techniques, and even have clubs for students to join based on their interests. They also have a Listening Lab for self-study. There are many friends here, and we get to meet new friends also to exchange knowledges. All the staff members here are very friendly too.


New Cambridge with Teacher Owen and Teacher Shaun. I chose to study here because I need an IELTS score for university admission. Both teachers have teaching techniques that help students understand the content and complete all four parts of the exam – Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading. Students who study with these teachers can clearly understand each part. My younger sibling,


I believe half of the IELTS preparation process comes from practice and the other half comes from exam technique and feedback from the teacher. New Cambridge offers everything I mentioned. The classroom atmosphere is quite comfortable for me. Teacher pays attention to students and is always willing to help. Also, the Self-Access Centre (SAC) is actually useful. I can practice Reading and Listening skills by myself after class, and I can just submit my writing homework in the submission box too. I get a lot of advice from the Speaking Club which makes me feel more confident. The staff here are nice and friendly. I like the overall New Cambridge service.

Ms. Sarochinee Paweenawat (IELTS 8.0)