Overview Online IELTS Tips & Practice

What is the Online Tips & Practice?▼

It is a test-based learning resource for IELTS preparation, consisting of strategies for 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It comes with approximately 2,500 questions, and a range of different activities. You can practice as often as you wish.

Everyone has their own learning style preference.

Some individuals like to learn by reading while others like to learn by watching. Moreover, you can do this by reading the Online Tips and Practice guidelines, and watching the videos accompanied in Strategies Pack.

Nevertheless, whatever the learning preference, the most effective way of learning something is through PRACTICE.

Why is test-based learning the best way to prepare for IELTS? ▼

It has been known and recommended by a great deal of research that practice results in proper language skill improvement.  Moreover, IELTS is a language testing system. You will get familiar with a test by practicing.

Learning by Doing!

You get a chance to learn strategies and techniques for reaching a high score in the IELTS test, and then this is very important, you have an opportunity to apply those strategies and techniques through practice. And there are hundreds of hours of activities.

You can also access our unique Writing Practice & Speaking Practice with marking and comments and suggestions how to improve your score by IELTS specialists.

This is very useful because the more you practice, the more feedback you get, the more likely you are to improve your performance.

Why is New Cambridge Online Tips & Practice different? ▼

You can join Clubs to upskill. This is a close-up group tutorial for 60 minutes by Facebook LIVE streaming. You will meet Native IELTS specialists LIVE.  It’s 2-way communication; a good opportunity to learn from others as well.

You can have 1 on 1 Tutorial (focused on Speaking) for 30 minutes with Native IELTS specialists via ZOOM Cloud Meetings. It offers an opportunity to focus on your weaknesses & develop your strengths. You will also have a chance to consult with our specialist about how to achieve your target band score within a certain timeframe. You will be able to take a mock Speaking Test, as well.

Reaching your target score in IELTS is all about PREPARATION and PRACTICE.

6 STEPS of 1 on 1 Tutorial (focused on Speaking) ▼

1. Preparation

View the short video: ‘Introduction to the IELTS Speaking Test’, which you can find in the Strategies Pack. (For New Cambridge students, you can also take a close look at the New Cambridge Guidebook to the IELTS Speaking Test.) It will give you a solid background to the IELTS Speaking Test, and will explain exactly what you have to do to get a good score.

2. Practice 3 parts

You have to practice. The Online Tips and Practice provides Speaking Test practice for all three parts of the test: Parts 1, 2 and 3. It is here that you can put into practice what you’ve learned from the video.

3. Discuss with specialists

Prior to taking the actual Mock Speaking Test, you’ll have a chance to discuss target scores and any questions arising from the preparation stage with your IELTS specialist.

4. Mock speaking test

Our Native IELTS specialists will conduct a full Speaking Test which takes around 15 minutes.

5. Self-reflection

After this Mock Test, it’s time for self-reflection: this is when you get a chance to review your Practice Test and make notes about anything you’re curious about.

6. Feedback

The final stage is a feedback session with the Native IELTS specialist, when you can get clarification on anything which is still not clear, and you will get feedback on your Mock Test performance.

ONLINE TIPS AND PRACTICE: the perfect way to prepare for IELTS.

What do Online Tips & Practice and New Cambridge offer? ▼

Online IELTS Tips & Practice is an online self-access service exclusively suitable for those who are mastering their
English language skills, both academically and professionally, and are preparing for the IELTS

Description : Online IELTS Tips & Practice

The Online IELTS Tips & Practice services consist of a wide selection of practices on essential skills for effective communications: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Moreover, the services provide users with Language Use, Topic Packs, Strategy Packs.

How to improve your English with the Online IELTS Tips & Practice services

You can choose the package to match your goal. (Platinum is recommended because LIVE 1 on 1 Tutorial is very useful.)

The Online IELTS Tips & Practice package

Gold Platinum
Strategies on 4 skills: listening, reading, writing & Speaking / /
4-Skill Practices / /
Over 1,400 questions on focused grammar & vocabulary / /
Writing tasks marked with comments (2 different tasks/set) 4 Pieces 6 Pieces
Speaking (15 mins.) marked with comments 2 Times 3 Times
Reading passages with practice and test modes / /
Club to Upskill (Speaking & Writing) 60 mins x /
1 on 1 Tutorial (focus on Speaking) 30 mins x /


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