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New Cambridge Institute (Thailand) Services

Since its founding, New Cambridge Institute (Thailand) has grown from strength-to-strength focusing on EIGHT services, which are all interlinked:


2. IGCSE, A-Level, IB

3. Study Abroad Consultancy

4. Edutainment Journey (Study Tours)

5. NCtest, Invigilation Service

6. Teacher Supply, Teacher Training

7. Corporate Training

As a premier academic English centre,  New Cambridge Institute (Thailand)  has been attracting and fully meeting the needs of an ever increasing number of top graduates from Thailand’s leading universities. More and more in-house designed courses, which are tailored to the exact needs of Thai students, have offered an increasing range of opportunities to numerous learners from various backgrounds. New Cambridge Institute prides itself on the positive contributions it makes by actively working in and serving the community. This is in addition to promoting learner autonomy and a concept of lifelong learning amongst all members including students, adult learners and staff.