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Placement Test

The NC Placement Test is conducted to assess your English language skills, including Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. The written paper, consisting of a reading comprehension passage with a variety of question types, as well as an essay on a typical IELTS topic, takes one hour to complete. The interview, conducted with a native-speaker teacher, lasts around 15 minutes. In the interview you will be expected to talk about a range of topics including where you live, your interests, your studies and your plans for the future.

Both the written part of the Placement Test and the interview are graded according to the IELTS scoring system, and the suggested placement depends on how well you perform in all parts of the test. The final placement at the appropriate level depends on your Placement Test scores and also your expected IELTS band score. Final placement is usually a consensual agreement between the teacher conducting the Placement Test and yourself, to ensure that your language levels are appropriate for the chosen level, as well as to provide the necessary time-frame within which to reach your expected target scores.

Booking Procedure

Call to book a Placement Test at least one day in advance. Call 02-613-1177, 081-105-3333