New Cambridge’s Clubs are unique and provide great benefits to our students.

They give students chance to:

  • develop English language skills in a less formal setting
  • prepare for the IELTS exam in a fun environment
  • optimize time available in the SAC
  • share ideas for Task 2 essays
  • get expert advice from IELTS specialists

Speaking Club

A Speaking Club presents useful vocabulary in the context of an IELTS topic. This hour-long session lasts 60 minutes and helps develop IELTS speaking skills through pairwork and groupwork with special emphasis on enhancing fluency, responsiveness and confidence as well as accuracy in relation to the wide range of topics candidates face in the Speaking Test.

Writing Club

A Writing Club lasts 60 minutes and provides useful practice with IELTS Tasks 1 and 2 questions. The hour-long session focus on some aspect of format and content of questions and gives students the opportunity to practice their grammar. There are 2 levels: Pre-intermediate, and Intermediate/ Advanced.

Reading Club

This is an opportunity for students to apply skills learned in class, focussing on Skills and Strategies required to succeed in the IELTS Reading Test, utilising authentic materials and question types dealing with problems such as specialist texts and vocabulary.

Listening Lab

The listening lab provides students with the ability to enhance their listening skills with various video and audio recording for them to listen to and answer questions. Practice is computer-based and on results will be shown automatically after completing exercises.

Study Abroad Cultural Club

The Study Abroad Cultural Club lasts 60 minutes and is designed to help bridge the culture gap in a light-hearted context. The range of topics covered will help to facilitate a smooth transition into the new culture of the chosen overseas learning environment.

SOP Club

This provides comprehensive language assistance and correction in writing effective SOPs.

SAC Writing

This is where students get the opportunity to put into practice information gained in class with a wide variety of practice Task 1 and 2 essays that are subsequently graded by teachers.