Name-Surname: Lieutenant Koravic Jaruprat

Nickname: Fun

Education background (Bachelor’s Degree):

Bachelor of Public Administration (Police Science)

Course/University (Master’s Degree):

MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security, Coventry University

Year of graduation: 2013


Why have you chosen Coventry University?

According to the course of study, Coventry University has a subject that is very related to my career. Moreover, Coventry University is a reliable university as it is accredited by UKBA. I believe I will get a worthwhile education and excellent experience in the UK.


How does Coventry University help international students?

Coventry University has a great management system. I applied for my Master’s Degree and sent all of my documents online. The offer was quickly received 1 week later.
In addition to the good online system, Coventry University has many helpful services for international students as well such as an international office and an international counselor which help and support students when they have trouble. I still remember the enrollment day. It was my first day at Coventry University. I was very worried and nervous. The University’s staff helped me along the enrollment process with kindness. They were very nice and tried the best they could to help me.

What do you like most about Coventry?

Living in the UK is very challenging. I do like Coventry because it has a good environment and has many international students. Besides native friends, I also have French, Chinese, Korean, and Nigerian friends. These gave me a broader vision and know other cultures. I have a great experience here.


Does university life affect your working life?

Of course, studying at Coventry University can help me have more opportunities in my future career.


Do you attend university activities?

Coventry University has many activities and clubs for students. I attend the tennis club. I meet good friends and have fun.


How is New Cambridge helping you?

I have to thank you for the New Cambridge service. I am so lucky to know New Cambridge because the counselor advised me not only about education but also life in the UK which was very supportive. If my friends want to study abroad, I will not hesitate to tell them to contact New Cambridge at the first place.


Finally, I would like to tell other students who want to study in the UK
“A good opportunity does not often come to you so you have to go grab it”