Corporate Training

New Cambridge Institute (Thailand) is a reputable English language centre offering courses in IELTS, Business English, General English, IGCSE, A-levels, IB, GED and TOEFL. It also functions as an overseas education consultancy for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and China. Furthermore, New Cambridge provides a variety of services, including NC test, Corporate Training, Teacher Supply, etc.

One of our specialised services is “Corporate Training”. Corporate employees who join our business courses are always given a clear course outline and consultation to achieve their targets in the required time frame by our professional counsellors and trainers.

New Cambridge Business modules cover a wide range of skill-sets related to English language in a corporate environment. We aim to aid our students in using their existing business knowledge and experience to contribute confidently in an English language environment. Besides dealing with common corporate situations, our modules help to develop language skills, from written grammar and sentence structure, to pronunciation and spoken fluency.

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Aurecon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. trusted in the quality teaching at New Cambridge Institute arranged Corporate Training course under the topic Business English


New Cambridge Institute (Thailand) delivered and designedcorporate training program for Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing


Senior management at SCG presented with certificates


Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd entrusted General Business English the training of KAsset Management staff to New Cambridge Institute (Thailand)

Course: Preparation for Management Studies
Courses: Business English Communication, English for Meeting Skills
Course: General Business English
Course: Business English Conversation
Course: Business English - Email Writing
Course: Business English
Courses: Business English Conversation and Business Writing for Management
Course: Business English Communication
Course: Business English
Course: Business English Conversation
Course: Business English for Management
Course: Business English Communication